UkrESCO Holding LLC is the only national and world manufacturer of purge units according to patent No. 99909 dated 25.06.2015 under absolutely new technology unlike the present-day technology of purging elements (local, slot purging plugs, tuyeres, etc.).

Technology that we offer is a technology of melt purging in the small bubble mode.

The design of MDP units manufactured is perfect, adapted by 100% for the existing types of production and does not require any changes in production processing procedure at transition of ladle operation from standard purging plugs used at present to our devices.

Our MDP purging units are an essential alternative to purging plugs used today.

Due to a purging technology in the small bubble mode there is a number of unchallengeable advantages that, at implementation of this technology, enable to improve essentially economic indices of production, reduce cost value of steel production that is always actual for any producer, and especially now, at such instability in the market of ferrous metals and essential collapse in prices at realization of metal products.


The use of our units will make a positive impact on economic indices below, namely:

– argon consumption at melt purging via our MDP units is reduced by two-three times in comparison with the use of purging plugs;

– our purging blocks operate without replacement for the whole ladle campaign when standard plugs require replacement 3-4 times per campaign;

– after metal casting there is no need in cleaning of our purging units with oxygen lance that reduces costs of the enterprise for purchase of a steely pipe and reduces labor intensity of the process;

– due to higher process homogenization, time of ladle staying on LF decreases that as a result leads to reduction of expenses for electric power consumption (reduction of melting time);

– time of ladle staying on a vacuum vessel decreases by two-three times in comparison with usual plugs (industrial indices – 10 min. on VD – 0.8 ppm);

– at the expense of small bubbles within the whole volume of melt and practical absence of dead zones of purging, the quality of obtained metal is considerably improved;

– waste of deoxidizers and ferroalloys reduces significantly.